Silk Protein lotion 12x10 ml

Silk Protein lotion 12x10 ml
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Tonic Lotion for Reinforcing Proteinic 12x10 ml.

It is a multifunctional lotion. Rich in amino-acids obtained from silk protein it has strong protective properties against the chemical and high-temperature treatment. Its perfectly moisturize the hair, give softness and shine, turn frizzy hair to smooth and silky, restore the hair make it more full-bodied. With regular use strengthening weakened hair from the core to the surface. Improves the quality of the hair shaft, making it more durable, elastic and silky. Hair gain strength and beautiful well-groomed appearance.

Active ingredients:

Silk proteins – moisturizing and protective action

Method of use:

1. After using the shampoo, the contents of one ampoule or pipette should be evenly applied to the hair and not rinsed.

2. Its also can be added to a hair mask against hair loss and into the solution for speeding hair growth.

3. The lotion can also be mixed with a fixing liquid for curling or with hair dye as a protective component.

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