Sea COMPLEX 3 Reconstruction hair mask 2

Sea COMPLEX 3 Reconstruction hair mask 2
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Orising Sea Complex 3 Reconstruction hair mask 2,125ml.

This product provides deep hair fibre reconstruction. It has strong conditioning and protection properties. It's also good for all hair types especially useful for damaged hair and those who use aggressive hairstyle products and heat.

Active ingredients:

Aloe vera – hydrating, purifying, nourishing, emollient action.
Wheat protein – moisturizing, soothing, reinforcing properties.
Mineral complex (iron, magnesium, copper, silicon, zinc) – keeps hair moisturized.
Hydrolyzed keratine – keratine is one of the proteins which is mainly contained in the hair cortex (keratine is actually a part of it), and it is made by 18 amino acids.

How to use:

Apply on towel-dry hair and comb. Leave on for 5 minutes to make sure the product was well absorbed. Then rinse thoroughly. 

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