O`Rising Essential Oil Blue Drop 2

O`Rising Essential Oil Blue Drop 2
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Essential oil Blue drop 2  30ml

Greasy desquamation

Active ingredients: 

Peppermint: disinfecting and healing, antiseptic, antibacterial properties
Rosemary – cleansing, toning, draining, astringent, antiseptic action
Sweet almond oil – emollient, firming, antioxidant, regenerating properties
Avocado oil – moisturizing, nourishing, protective, emollient properties
Marigold – astringent, sebum balancing, disinfectant properties
Mallow – sedative, calming, antifungal, antibacterial action

How to use:

Apply directly on the dry scalp 9 to 36 drops or add to hair mask or shampoo, depends on the needs.

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