O`Rising Multienergetic serum

O`Rising Multienergetic serum
O`Rising Multienergetic serum
O`Rising Multienergetic serum
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Multi-tonic, Antioxidant serum enriched with bud-derivatives.

In order to bring help and to treat in a considerable way the hair loss problems, fragile hair and without vitality, ORising proposes a SERUM enriched with bud-derivates, with antioxidant, draining, nourishing and rebalancing properties of the physiological vital cycle of the hair.

Active ingredients:

Ivy – astringent, healing, bactericidal, draining action
Lotus flower – purifying, refreshing, emollient action
Pomegranate – antioxidant, astringent action
Olive – antioxidant, reparative action
Black currant – astringent, refreshing, antioxidant action
Birch – purifying, reinforcing action
Beech tree – refreshing, calming action
Rice proteins – hydrating, nourishing action
Pine – antiseptic, disinfectant, cleansing action
Peppermint: disinfecting and healing, antiseptic, antibacterial properties
Country peppermint – antiseptic, stimulating and tonic properties
Eucalyptus – antiseptic, refreshing, antifungal action

How to use:

After using Composition D, apply on the scalp, line by line, and massage gently. Leave on for 5-10min then rinse.

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