5-ALF Orising shampoo

5-ALF Orising shampoo
5-ALF Orising shampoo
5-ALF Orising shampoo
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5-ALF ORising fitoessential hair wash formulated without SLS. The gentel formula rich in plant extracts from certified organic cultures. Lilac is a natual  inhibitor of the 5-Alfa reductose, enzyme that causing a hair loss. It is complement to hair loss treatment related to hormonal disbalance. Millet seed extract performing a nutritional function. Bamboo extract is good anti-irritant, it has regenerating and soothing effect. Horse Chestnut extract stimulates microcirculation.

5-Alforising is recommended for men and women  who have sensitive scalp,  very thin and weak hair on oily scalp and wants to relieve the problems causes by seborrheic dermatitis. And individuals with  hair thining in the temple area.

Active ingredients:

Millet – nourishing action

Bamboo – anti-irritating, calming function, even for irritated skin

Chestnut – stimulates blood circulation

Lilac – helps to inhibit the 5-alpha reductases enzyme action; antioxidant, sebum balancing action

Method of use:

Spread on wet hair with a delicate massage, after 3-5 minutes, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

It is recommended to use in combination with 5-Alf ORising Bioessence lotion.

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