O`Rising hair filler system (3 products)

O`Rising hair filler system (3 products)
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Orising Hair Filler with Hyaluronic acid gives volume, body and vitality to weak and brittle hair and it helps to contrast the frizzy effect caused by humidity.100ml

Orising Filler System Volume Shampoo gently cleans as it contains balanced surfactants, panthenol and argan oil to maintain the integrity of the hair structure.250ml

Orising Filler System Hair Pack makes easy to comb, makes hair shiny and prepares it to receive ORising Hair Filler.125ml

Active ingredients:

Horsetail – elasticizing, restoring and mineralizing action
Olive tree – antioxidant, shinning action
Birch – dermopurifying action
Viola tricolor – antioxidant, moisturizing and soothing action
Organic argan oil – soothing, moisturizing action

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